Speech synthesis redesigned – listen to emails, documents & websites.

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Audible Web Experience

Are you on the hunt for a full-page reader, that does not require copying and pasting sentences, paragraphs, or entire page sections?

We're here to help!

Awesome Features

press play SVG

Easy to use

Hit play, the extension will start reading the page from top to bottom. Click on any paragraph if you want to skip ahead.

press play SVG

Read documents

You can also upload any document from your computer via the Upload File feature.

personalize it

Customize it

Make it your own - choose from a variety of voices, adjust speaker settings and change the hotkeys.

Highest rated on Chrome Webstore

This thing is spectacular! I set it to speak faster then I read, which ends up saving me time. Now I read more. Have you ever browsed across a long article that looks interesting but you don't want to put in the time or effort to read the entire thing. Just click play on the Pericles extension. It underlines the words as it speaks them, making it easy to follow along.

Marcus Viar

On your favorite browser

Engineered for you on all major platforms

The extension was first published on October 8th 2018, in the Chrome Webstore, made available a day later for Firefox via add-ons. Since then, the algorithms have been steadily improved to turn almost any website into an audiobook.

Empower your browser

Do your chores or enjoy your meal while Pericles does the reading for you.


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